Rear View

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2009 was a wild year in the insurance recruiting business with our entire practice being turned upside down between a focus to an EB (employee benefits) focus. Demand for (commercial lines) professionals essentially disappeared during the course of 2009 whereas demand for EB producers skyrocketed through the roof with unprecedented demand. Just give me a call or send me note if you would like our recently completed 2009 Salary Survey for the WDC metro market.

Regarding 2010, client demand is already building and this is shaping up to be another big year for our recruiting practice. Right now, just in the WDC area alone, we have more than 25 urgent searches for EB producers and supporting cast. Sorry to say, continues to be DEAD in the water. We are hearing that pricing is even getting softer for 2010. One client told us that would need to be a dozen “”Katrinas”” in 2010 to get back to a hard market once again – wow!

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