Know Thyself

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Have you ever wondered why some people seem to work away effortlessly while at the same time being very successful? There is a unique joy to what they do. They’re in the “zone.” Maybe you have this. Most don’t. I can spot it a mile away when I interview a prospective candidate. It’s because they are working in their vocation, not a career. They have found their true calling. A person choosing a career is looking for something that will provide financial and psychological benefits. If your job or career isn’t working for you, you choose a different one. A person does not choose a vocation. It chooses you…it is a true calling. People generally feel they have no choice in the matter. Their life would be unrecognizable unless they pursued this line of activity. It’s a hungry desire to perform a flawless dance or run an organization to its upmost perfection. Ask yourself…is this me or am I just checking the boxes in my career? Special operators in the U.S. military mostly fall into the ‘vocation’ category. My son is a Green Beret. From the time he was a little kid, he always wanted to be a soldier. He tells me it’s always been a voice from the forest calling him. It’s like a musician who picks up a guitar and from that moment knows who he/she is. Top sales guys and gals also tend to be working in their vocations too. It’s why they make all the money.


So how do you know if you are working in your true vocation? Take the time on the beach or in the mountains this summer to really think about what you are doing. There are several aptitude tests out there now that can point you in the right direction. The signs are out there for you to see. You just have to observe and follow to self-awareness…the highest form of knowledge. As the ancient Greeks wrote on the Temple of Apollo, “Know Thyself”. And the best of luck discovering your true vocation in life.

Rob Houghton

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