The Lion, Antelope, and the Mouse…

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As many of you know, I lived and worked in Africa many years ago. Build and sold a business there. I know it well. One of the favorite pastimes of expatriates in Africa is to load up a cooler with beer and head out to the game park at the end of a long day to watch the animals ply their trade. It’s a vicious and unforgiving world of the survival of the fittest.

Of course, the King of the Jungle, will always be the Mighty Lion. Through local African friends, I came to know the lion very well. Even ventured into the grasslands with the local Masai to get up close and personal with them (just make sure they have already eaten). I loved to study and watch them hunt the antelope. Amazing stuff.

But the most interesting thing about Africa is not the animals per se, but more so, what the jungle teaches us about life. You see, the lion can easily hunt a mouse and other small game all day long. The problem is that because he burns up so much energy, by doing so, he would experience a net loss of energy and eventually die. Hence, the lion invests the time necessary to patiently and methodically waiting in the grass to pounce on the elusive antelope which will feed his pride for many days.

Same goes for insurance producers – do you really want to invest your energy every single day pounding the phones and hitting the bricks chasing mice and rabbits? Think of the lion. How long is it going to take before YOU run out of energy?

This is why producers should consider investing the necessary time and resources going upscale and pursuing larger clients. Sure, it takes more time and you have to be more strategic and patient, but, in the end you’ll get to spend more time with YOUR pride. Think Antelope.

And, take it from me, antelope tastes a helluva lot better than mice!

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