Grit over Talent

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It is simple. Grit over Talent. Andy day. Any time. Any place. Recent studies and a best-selling book, “Grit” by author Angela Duckworth make this point. Convincingly. Here are the habits of gritty people. Are you one?

  1. Gritty people are fixed on high-level pursuits, but flexible on low-level goals, like daily to-dos.
  2. Gritty people know the “Why?” behind everything they do.
  3. Gritty people live life as a marathon, not a sprint.
  4. Gritty are stubborn, but not stupid.
  5. Like a toddler learning to walk, gritty people don’t waste time being ashamed or feeling anxious because they are too busy seeking feedback and improving.
  6. When a gritty person gets a rejection slip, encounters a setback, or reaches a dead-end, they are disappointed, even heartbroken at times. But not for long.
  7. Gritty people not only put in more hours than the next person, but they also fill their hours with intense focus. Yes, Focus.
  8. Gritty people embrace boredom and avoid environments of distraction. Military special operations is 99% pure boredom. But 1% sheer terror.

Finally, remember from my LinkedIn Post – the four things gritty people do each and every day:

  1. They develop a fascination in their work.
  2. They improve each day.
  3. They have a greater Purpose.
  4. They have a growth mindset.

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