COVID-19: How to Find a Job in these Tough Times

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Updated: Dec 13, 2021

It’s a Brave New World in Job Hunting

Several friends have been asking me, “Is anyone actually hiring during the COVID-19 crisis?” My answer is a resounding, “YES!” One just has to look around and use some common sense. Here’s who hiring:

Grocery, Drug Stores & Markets: My stock portfolio has taken a few shots to the bow recently, but I loaded up on these sector stocks when the virus first hit. They are all up double-digits. Walmart, Costco, Target, Home Depot, Safeway. Their business is absolutely booming. They are hiring. Big time.

Banks: My local banker here in Winchester, VA has called me three times in the past month asking if I knew of anyone with a college education who could help him process loan and PPP applications. He is ready to hire the person full time too.

Online E-commerce: Amazon has a huge facility just outside of Winchester, VA – not more than ten miles from my house. They are hiring hundreds of people. Good pay and good work. There are other delivery services too. I can have just about anything delivered to my door now. Why go out to eat anymore? I just pick up the phone and order.

Medical & Pharmaceutical: These firms are booming right now. I can tick off the top ten players in this sector such as Johnson & Johnson, Cardinal Health, 3M, etc. In the WDC metro area, there are over 50 firms that have footholds in this sector. Booming.

Insurance Brokerage: Ah…this is my wheelhouse. Can you sell services? Payroll services, HR services, IT services, financial services? If you can SELL something/anything, PLEASE call me. My insurance agency and brokerage clients are screaming for good sales producers. And they will train you. You will be rich. Trust me. You will.

Remote Work Technology: Slack, Zoom, Zapier, Atlassian, are just a few firms needing help. Once again, a little research will reveal many of these firms have a presence in the WDC region.


Once you finish your research and have selected an industry niche to focus on here are some more tips on implementing your plan.

Three things you can do right now:

  • Join the relevant regional trade organizations and networking groups. Attendance is not as important as getting the directory and reaching out via email, social media, or telephone to select members who can help you network.
  • Use social media such as LinkedIn. Invest the time necessary to put together a first-class, professional profile. Include a suitable photograph too for the industry you are applying to. If you get stuck. Call me. I do this stuff blind-folded. 703.395.3466.
  • Hone your video conferencing skills. Many hiring authorities are conducting interviews now via Microsoft Teams or Zoom. Our office does on a routine basis now. A hiring manager can tell a lot about a candidate during these interviews. I can tell the following:
  • How is this person dressed? Pajamas? Suit?
  • Are they tech savvy? Can they even figure out how to join a Zoom call?
  • Is their home or apartment orderly or is it a pig pen?
  • Do they communicate well online?
  • I can tell more in a video interview than I can tell in a face to face lunch meeting.

As always, if you have any questions just pick up the phone and call or send an email.

Rob Houghton

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