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Updated: Dec 16, 2021

Things are about to change with my firm, Management Recruiters of Fairfax. First…the name. We will now be known and branded as: MRF. It will be reflected in our newly designed website which will launch within 30 days.

Over the past several months, many of you have heard me ranting about “The War on Talent,” “The Great Resignation,” and “The War on Millennials.” Now we are going to do something about it. Together.

My focus moving forward is going to be focusing on this Next Generation of Talent that is being largely underserved and underappreciated. The is the flip side of The Great Resignation. There a good people out there. And I am going to help you. I am going to inform you. I will inspire you with successful guests who have walked in your shoes. Everyday. And I will entertain you.

I promise I will rescue you from those soul-killing employers that some of you are working for now. I hear you. I feel your pain. Many of you are in bad situations. With bad bosses. You are the people I want to reach. I can help you. We can do this like our lives depend on it. We can go on the attack. Let’s be positive. Let’s get after it. Together.

I am not a Complainer. I am not a Whiner. I am a Doer. I am a Winner. But I have lost a lot too. I have failed in the past. Big time. But I own it. I have learned from it. Together, let’s turn this thing around. We can do it. Talk to me. Email me. Text me. Send comments. I want to know what’s on your mind. Let’s own this. Together.

And if you already know it all – congratulations. If you’re already the smartest person in the room – great. Go somewhere else. You’re a loser. I want to Winners.

Here is what I am going to do:

  1. I will educate you on how to get ahead in your career. And for those that are being mistreated and mismanaged, I will help you find something else. My clients are the best insurance firms out there. They treat their staff with respect, they have a purpose, and they are on a mission. I will steal every employee I can from the offending firms who mistreat their staff. And I will continue to help my clients build empires with your top-talent.
  2. I am launching a YouTube channel titled, “The Million Dollar Career.” This bi-weekly show will feature special guests mostly in the insurance sector, but some from outside of insurance, who will share their own lessons learned and success stories with you. The show will help YOU build a Million Dollar Career. If someone else can do it, YOU can too!
  3. I am re-launching my successful podcast channel with a new name: “Talent and Trust: Insurance Careers.” It is fitting that we just finished Episode #75. I will continue to provide you with my unique experiences and insights learned over the years as a trusted talent advisor and recruiter so that you can better plan, develop, and super-charge your insurance career. I promise to share with you my personal and sometimes hilarious stories from the past – mostly the mistakes I made so that YOU can avoid doing the same thing.
  4. In my weekly blogs, I will continue to put out weekly pieces focused more on the tactical “day in the life of an insurance professional” in areas such as resume building, interviewing, performance reviews, handling your boss, compensation, remote work issues, and taking control of your career.
  5. I am rebuilding my website. It will be focused on YOU. It will have testimonials. It will have links to my YouTube Channel, podcasts, blogs. And my job board will have the best insurance jobs and positions available with the best firms in the WDC and surrounding Mid-Atlantic region.
  6. For my clients and firms out there, I will do more client-focused blogs and podcasts so that you can learn from the mistakes that your competitors are making. We will do stories on the latest technology, employment laws and regulations, local acquisitions, insurance trends and compensation intelligence as we have done in the past.
  7. I want your feedback. I listen to you. And then I take action. I will have a powerful social media platform now to level this playing field between rich and powerful business owners and you – The People. I will hold people accountable. I will expose those who deserve to be exposed.

Come ride with me on this new adventure and I promise to inform, inspire, and entertain you so that you too can plan, build, and super-charge your career. Let’s do this. Let’s get after this. Together.

Rob Houghton

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