Three Lessons from the U.S. Special Operations Community

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If I had a nickel for every time I hear someone whining or complaining, I would be a rich man. What is the problem, folks? Here are three things I learned from working with the U.S. Special Operations Forces (SOF) community during the past 15 years and before:

Extreme Ownership: Stop complaining. After you make your bed, your next decision is to have a positive day. A great day. Because it may be your last. You make a plan. You own it. Prioritize and execute. There are no excuses. You hesitate and people die.

What does this have to do with business? Same thing, actually. Those executives and firms who own what they do, get better every day. They win. They crush their competition. They are the winners. People are the same way. You make a decision stay positive no matter what. You win.

Stop Complaining: We live in the greatest country on the planet: America. People kick and scream to get to our shores 24/7. Sure, there is a drumbeat of woke voices in Big Media, Big Tech, and, yes, even Big Government who want you to think otherwise, because to do so, would elevate themselves. Would make them relevant. Good luck. Ain’t gonna happen. I feel good about my country. I fly out of bed each morning. Ready to compete. Ready to kick some ass. America is still the greatest country on the planet. So stop complaining.

Be Grateful: Appreciate and be grateful for what you DO have. You are alive. I see dissension all around me. Everyday. People seem lost. What do I do now? Where do I go? Should I work? Should I just stay home and collect a check? Why bother? Most people walk around with long faces. Particularly, our young people.

We live in a world now which provides us with unprecedented opportunity and technological advances. Everything is at our fingertips now. What will the world look like in just ten years? Will there be human beings living on Mars? Will cars be flying? Will cancer and heart disease be eradicated? If you can’t get excited about this, you don’t have a heartbeat.

Here’s my advice for getting started: Try something new: look in the mirror when you get up and tell yourself: This is going to one helluva day. And then make it a positive day. Open a door for someone. Say hello to the neighbor in the hallway. Strike up a conversation in an elevator. Take an interest in your waiter. Everyone has a story. Remember when folks used to do this?

Have a GREAT 2022!


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