The Courage of Lion

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Updated: Feb 17, 2022

I did a Podcast today that blew me away. My original thought was to profile an insurance professional who had successfully transitioned from account manager to sales producer. Check that box. Done.

What I ended up with was something much different.

As the interview progressed, I realized the story was about much more than just someone transitioning to sales. It was about someone who persevered through years of working behind the scenes supporting sales producers, making a lot more money than she could have ever hoped for.

I learned about a single parent who had struggled for years paying the bills and raising her children. I learned about someone who just wanted a chance to follow her passion. Sales. The opportunity to show someone that, yes, I can become a successful sales producer too, and I can be somebody. This became the story of courage. Perseverance. Grit. Determination.

And then Kim Smith took the leap of faith that so many of us never dare to do. She left a stable career in account management and took a new position as a sales producer with an independent insurance agency in Virginia Beach, VA. Someone finally took a chance on her.

Kim closed her first big deal within 30 days with a trucking firm. Kim discovered a passion for working with young male and female truckers just starting in the business, and her niche became the trucking industry. And she has not looked back.

The courage of a lion.

I cannot begin to describe the story of Kim Smith in her new sales career in one blog post. For that, I refer you to the podcast of our conversation, releasing April 5th.

But here is some advice from Kim Smith to other account managers who may want to follow in her footsteps. If this message encourages and inspires one account manager to follow in Kim’s footsteps as an insurance sales producer, this blog post and subsequent podcast will have been worth it.

Some takeaways:

· It’s okay to dream, but ultimately you have to take the leap.

· Scared money always loses. Bet on yourself. No one else will.

· Commercial lines insurance sales are about developing an industry niche.

· Be a subject matter expert to your clients.

· Be honest and trustworthy. Please don’t sell them stuff they don’t need.

· Be authentic. Clients find this refreshing.

· Communicate regularly with your key clients. Nobody else does.

· Treat your clients right, and you will get repaid with multiple referrals.

· Listen to your clients. Sales is needs-based.

· You can make a lot of money in insurance sales. A lot.

· Own what you do. Be accountable. Building a book of business in insurance is like owning your own business.

· Follow your passion. It won’t even feel like a job anymore.

Stay tuned for more from Kim Smith.

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