The Great Realization: Workers have discovered the importance of Happiness in their Work

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The #1 Rule of the Workplace: People want to be happy. They are not. 40% are considering leaving their jobs this year.

People are what make an organization great. Not equipment or technology.

People had been fed a constant stream of bad news on Covid-19, the economy, finances, natural disasters, the environment, and war with the Russians. People are stressed. Everyone is on edge. Concerned.

But the pandemic has had a silver lining: It forced people to stay at home and get to know their families once again. It allowed people to rethink. Re-evaluate. It set them on a journey of self-discovery and self-examination so that they could come to grips with who they are. For many, they were able to achieve a sense of Self-Realization. Self-Realization is achieving an understanding spiritually, intellectually, and emotionally of what fulfills them.

It’s a shame it took a pandemic to free folks up from their offices and smartphones to figure this out. But they did. The People are once again empowered to change their position in Life.

The immediate manifestation of this empowerment in the workplace is what we now call “The Great Resignation.” Watch the discussion on The Great Resignation:

The Great Realization is what’s driving the Great Resignation. They are intertwined…married at the hip.

Some encouraging facts on the Great Realization as highlighted by the job aggregator, Indeed, and conducted by Forrester:

· 50% of people believe expectations around work happiness have increased over time.

· 97% of people felt happiness at work is possible.

· 92% of people said how they feel at work impacts how they feel at home.

· Most respondents said they’d leave their job if not fairly paid (30%), not happy at work (19%), and not feeling energized by their work tasks (18%).

· Feeling energized, and a sense of belonging are the top drivers of what makes people happy at work.

But here’s the kicker: the study refers to a Microsoft study on hybrid work in which 40% of the respondents said, “I am considering leaving my firm this year.” This is a call to arms by The People. The number widely reported previously by multiple surveys was between 20% – 25%.

How can employers keep their employees happy at work?

There are 12 drivers that have recently been identified as the keys to happiness in the workplace.

If you provide these to your employees, you will be able to recruit and retain top talent at your firm while your competitors have theirs walk out the door. These drivers will be the subject of another LinkedIn post to be published exactly one week from today.

Or, if you cannot wait, click this link to go to our website to read it now:

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