How to Become a Modern-Day Renaissance Man/Woman

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This is the final part of our four-part series on Professional Coaching. See the end of this article for links to our previous blogs on Executive Coaching, Life Coaching, and Executive Coaching.

Professional Development Coaching

“My specialty in this area of coaching is providing a unique knowledge base and perspective in the areas of the arts, music, history, philosophy, war, the great books, the great civilizations, the great explorers, educational travel, and any other areas of interest to a modern-day renaissance man or woman.

I would like to announce a new offering in this very unique area of Professional Development Coaching.

The course title is, “How to Become a Modern-Day Renaissance Man/Woman.”

This is our Premier Capstone Course. And the most personally and professionally rewarding. This is where your personal life and professional life intersect.

Personal development coaching focuses on all aspects of personal life. It also crosses over to one’s professional life as well.

Personal Development is a journey that helps people discover their strengths and reach their personal goals. Our clients come from all walks of life and want to get more from the life they lead now. They want greater happiness, more love, increased money, reduced stress, and overall enjoyment of their life.

As a certified personal development coach, I help people make significant life transformations. Most people are dissatisfied with their lives. They worry about money, unsure of how to make ends meet. They are a bit lost. We will set you free so that you can live life as if you have never done so before.

YOU will be in control of your life.

We help you discover that your life can be stress-free and your needs readily answered. Not only will you be able to meet your basic needs, but your life can overflow with joy and abundance beyond your wildest dreams.

We help clients with their current personal struggles. We all have them, right?

It could be making you more aware of your gifts and talents while helping you gain clarity. With regular sessions, we will be your non-judgmental partner in your own unique self-growth and success.

You will learn the importance of self-love, confidence, and a positive mindset and how these factors affect your entire life.

Personal Development Coaching enables and empowers you to work on such areas as:

• Personal relationships

• Achieving Peak Joy

• Discovering the authentic self

• Positive mindset

• Goal setting

• Increased income

• Increased joy and passion

• Increased self-confidence

• Creating life abundance

• Reducing stress and anxiety

• Getting rid of limiting beliefs

• Self-motivation

To this end, our capstone course, “How to Become a Modern-Day Renaissance Man” is now open for enrollment. Contact me directly at for details.

To see if you qualify for this course, take our free aptitude test to see if you would be a good fit: Take the Test!

The What: This unique 15-week course is designed with one topic per week being presented in an interactive “MBA style” case study method. Overseas and domestic travel is optional, but highly encouraged. The following topics are being offered:

· The Seven Wonders of the World,

· Fine Dining & Social Graces,

· History from Ancient Greece to Modern Day,

· Masters at War: Alexander the Great, Caesar, Charlemagne, Genghis Khan, & Napoléon, etc.

· The Great Philosophers from Aristotle to Schopenhauer,

· Classic Music from Bach to Helena Grimaud,

· The Art of War: Knife-throwing, Cartography, Archery, Martial Arts,

· The Classic Sportsman: Polo, Horsemanship, Rugby, Cricket, Sailing, Golf,

· The Great Books & Writers,

· The Art of Conversation

· The Great Explorers

· The Great Civilizations: Romans, Greeks, Mughal, English, French & Hapsburg Empires, and the Ottomans,

· Classic Languages

· Art History & Architecture

· Fine Wines & Rare Spirits

The When: The course is being offered three times per year with classes starting on 15 August, 9 January, and 1 May 2023.

The Who: Each class is limited to only six individuals. One instructor plus one subject matter expert will be provided for each class component.

The Where: The class will be taught at our training facility located in either New York, Rome, Italy or Abu Dhabi, UAE.

The Cost: If you have to ask, you probably cannot afford this program. Travel will be provided via private air to and from locations. Accommodations will be provided in the finest hotels.

Note: This is but one course that we are now offering. Please contact me via direct email for more information on this course or similar courses in our private offerings.

A Different Animal: Please keep in mind that we are not your advisor, consultant, teacher, or instructor. Coaching is a different animal. We don’t judge. We coach. Coaching is a method of guiding you down a path of self-discovery to enable and empower you to the self-realization necessary for you to develop your own ideas and solutions. This way you will own it. Extremely. And that is when the magic happens!

We work with all types of people from all walks of life. Some may be confused about their current path and want to find clarity, purpose, and joy. They want more from their personal and professional life but aren’t sure how to start the journey. We empower and enable that person to take action.

It’s not about counseling. There isn’t judgment in how they reached this point. Coaching addresses the current situation and the future. It helps someone understand how to move forward, overcome obstacles and achieve everything they’ve hoped for. Remember, it is a partnership, where your questioning opens up new possibilities and helps you reach your goals quickly.

Personal Development coaching is not training, instruction, or consulting. It is a new approach to individual empowerment. We are facilitators. We facilitate new insights, confidence, and a greater self-awareness so that YOU can be the Master of your own Destiny. We empower you to steer your own ship…chart your own course.

Why us? As part of our executive search business, we have been coaching ordinary people to peak performers within our clientele since 2003. As many of you already know, we have also been professionally coaching in the outside business community and U.S. Special Operation Forces (SOF) in the field of leadership coaching. This unique combination of coaching corporate and military peak-performers gives us a perspective that few coaching organizations possess.

As a result, we have become experts in helping individuals and organizations empower themselves in the areas of listening, inquiry, critical thinking, and intellectual exploration which are fundamental to great leadership and individual performance.

The only difference now is that we are internationally certified!

Why should I be interested? Because personal development coaching is designed to take you on a journey of self-discovery to enable and empower yourself to make you more aware about yourself both personally and professionally.

Why is coaching so powerful? Unlike, traditional consulting, advising, and instruction, with our guidance, it is YOU who will chart the course. We just facilitate and keep you on the path to self-discovery. And because you will be doing most of the work, you will be accountable to yourself. YOU will learn what Extreme Ownership really is. It is very powerful.

Who else has a coach? Tom Brady. Tiger Woods. Warren Buffet. Elon Musk. Tony Robbins. All professional athletes have personalized performance and development coaches. Leaders in the business and entertainment industry. Political leaders. The list goes on and on and on. I was actually shocked to find out just how many successful people have professional coaches now. It’s one way they get to be Peak-Performers. I have had a personal coach for many years.

So welcome aboard and please join us for a journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and enablement so that you can experience the life you deserve.

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