Cyber-Bohemians at the Gate!

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Andy Kessler, who has a column in the WSJ, “Inside View”, wrote an entertaining piece this past week where he coined a new phrase, “Cyber-Bohemians.” Love it!

Cyber-Bohemians are the 20 – 30-year-olds who avoid work while living off their affluent friends or family. We all know one, right?? They spend most of their day surfing the internet, watching Reality-TV re-runs, or playing mindless video games.

In the UK, they call them, “failed fledglings.” In Japan, they are known as, “parasite singles.” When I was a kid, my old man simply called them, “losers.” You get the point.

This is the extreme version of, “Quiet Quitting” – the Cyber-Bohemians have simply decided, “The hell with it…kiss my $#@#, I’m outta here…”

The July unemployment rate is 3.5%. There are 11 million jobs available. Where the hell is everyone? Now a McKinsey study reports that 40% of all workers are considering quitting their jobs this year. True!

There are a lot of people really upset about this new breed of good-for-nothing, pot-smoking, loafing crowd of “Cyber-Bohemians. I’m different. I happen to love this crowd. I cheer them on.

Here’s why:

· Workplace Competition: I have always loved working on Holidays and weekends because I know my competition is goofing off. Christmas morning is my favorite. Easter is a close second. I love work. Always have. The more Cyber-Bohemians we have screwing off, the higher demand (and pay) for those choosing to work productively – my recruiting business is absolutely booming right now. Firms are desperate for good people.

· Supply & Demand: Corporate America is freaking out now about the labor shortage. NOW is the time to apply and get that dream job. Better do so now before the money runs out and the second-raters jump off the sofa and back into the workforce.

· Memories vs. Dreams: I tell my kids all the time: when you get old, you want memories, not dreams. Get out and enjoy life. Participate. Experience. Work hard and play even harder. Cyber-Bohemians tend to dream a lot.

· Mommy & Daddy die: Yes, someday your enablers, Mommy and Daddy, are going to pass into the next life. What will you do then? OMG, they don’t have an inheritance to pass on to you because………..damn, they spent it all supporting you all these years. No what do I do??

· Enabled, but not Empowered: I love competing in the workplace against those chumps who have been coddled and enabled by Mommy and Daddy their entire lives. At the first sight of adversity, they quit. Quitters are losers. And losers are…well, they are losers. Usually at just about everything.

So for all of you Cyber-Bohemians out there…keep chillin’. I’m cheering you on. Oh no…here comes the hate mail!!

Love Rob!

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