A Very Big Thanks

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I am not one to mix personal and business on LinkedIn so I will keep this Thanksgiving message within my professional realm. My family & brotherhood know where they stand with me…right at the very top. Nothing gets in the way of that. That will never change.

Clients: I want to thank my clients out there who we have served during the past year. It’s been a wild ride dealing with COVID, re-organizations, remote work issues, a ridiculously tight candidate pool, and a devastating hurricane that turned the Florida insurance market upside down. But by working together sometimes 24/7 and being honest with each other, we made it through.

Thank you for being responsive. Your timely and informative feedback continues to be the key to bringing you top talent.

Thank you for treating my candidates with the respect and dignity they deserve. And thank you for providing my candidates with a purpose and workplace environment where they feel empowered to creatively and collaboratively work with others to achieve great things.

And thank you for treating us like your partner, not a vendor. This mutual respect will ensure that we will always be there for you. You know who you are. And you know we will always give YOU the best talent at the expense of your competition.

TEAM MRF: Big shout out to Corey Harris, Julie Traxler, Stacy Traxler, and Frances Jendruczyk. The entire SBPACE and Certivium team for taking my recruiting business to the next level. Our new website and social media platform rocks now thanks to your efforts. You are the best. I never thought I would have so much fun doing podcasts, blogs, video interviews, and a new reality show launched earlier this week on YouTube. The response and feedback received from our viewers, listeners, and readers has been overwhelming. We listen. And we got better. What’s next?

Candidates: Thanks to all the great candidates we have worked with during the past year. I realize we were not able to help everyone, but for those that we did, it was a great experience and we feel satisfied and confident that everyone found better places than where they came from. For those that we were not able to help, hang in there, there is always 2023. We will always need A+ players in the insurance field.

Thanks to those who just called to check in and say hello. I love learning about the ground truth and what is happening on the ground out there. It is important for us to know who the Good, The Bad, and The Ugly firms are in the insurance competitive landscape. Two of these people who just picked up the phone to check in were eventually placed with top firms. Thanks for thinking of us!

We are like every other business – we are in business to make a profit, but more so than this, what really gets me fired up is taking someone out of a bad firm and/or bad manager and placing them with a safe, secure place where they can feel renewed and refreshed to achieve great things. I am just grateful that we had the opportunity to change lives one at a time like the ones we have so far this year.

Lots to be thankful for. Lots still to be done. We move forward to close out the year!

Rob Houghton

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