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Updated: Nov 8, 2022

I am proud to announce a new reality show that we are launching on Tuesday, November 22nd.

The title is, “The Career Coaching Experience” and is hosted by Award-Winning International Career Coach & Executive Recruiter, Rob Houghton – that’s me!

This reality-based show is a ten-part series that will feature NYC-based Daniella Rinaldo as our weekly guest.

You will see first-hand how I coach and facilitate new insights, confidence, and a greater self-awareness in Daniella so that she can be the Master of her Own Professional Destiny.

Will Daniella find that dream job? Or will she decide to stay at her current firm? Will she decide to go it alone and be an entrepreneur?

Join us for an informative, inspiring, and entertaining journey!

Some takeaways from this season:

· Experience through Daniella the importance of embarking on a journey of self-discovery to determine your career goals from within.

· Experience the difference between leadership and management.

· Experience the power of Extreme Ownership in your career.

· Use the links provided in the Show Notes for each episode to take your own assessment tests and get the results for free.

· Experience through Daniella the emotional roller coaster of making tough career choices.

· Experience how to deal effectively with workplace conflict.

· Experience how to get what you want and fly to the moon in your current position and firm.

· Experience why making a career move is not always the right move.

· Experience how to find you out exactly ‘who you are’ and ‘what you really want.’

· Experience how you separate having a Career from a True Vocation.

· Experience for yourself the value of a career aptitude test – find out how to determine the right career for you based on your personality, experiences, and interests. You can take the same test!

· Experience firsthand how to put together a killer resume. You can participate.

· Experience how to ace a job interview.

· Experience the power of storytelling during an interview.

· Experience how to become the GTG (Go-to Guy/Gal”).

· Experience how to network and job prospects for the job that is right for you.

· Experience how to use a social media platform to build and supercharge your career.

· Experience how to negotiate an employment contract and written job offer.

· Experience how to expertly handle your boss.

· Experience how to handle that annual performance review.

· Experience the difference between Quiet Quitting, Quiet Firing, and Quiet Hiring.

We will be providing the YouTube link the week before the show launches and we will also publish the links on my LinkedIn account as well.

We always welcome your questions and feedback at Whenever appropriate, we will answer questions in the following show!

Auditions: Auditions for the next season will take place December 1 – December 23rd, so if you would like to be considered as a guest for the next ten-part series, please send me an email (with CV) and we will get back to you on scheduling a specific date.

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All the best, rob

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