A Look Back: A Year of Controversy

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As we draw to a close in 2022, there were several blog themes that generated a significant amount of controversy as well as countless numbers of phone calls, emails, and text messages from candidates and clients alike. Hey, the whole idea is to generate some good (or bad) buzz, right?

Here are some of those themes with their related links in case you would like to revisit some of this year’s most popular blogs:

The Great Realization: The pandemic has had a silver lining: It forced people to stay at home and get to know their families once again. It allowed people to rethink. Re-evaluate. It set them on a journey of self-discovery and self-examination so that they could come to grips with who they are. For many, they were able to achieve a sense of Self-Realization. Self-Realization is achieving an understanding spiritually, intellectually, and emotionally of what fulfills them.

We did a two-part series on this: The Great Resignation: Part I and The Great Resignation: Part II

Remote Work: We went on to discuss the changing work environment and its impact on hiring practices. We did two pieces on The Remote Work Environment: Remote Work: The Moment of Truth and also Remote Work: Is it the End?

The Three Things: We did a series on “The Three Things” that relate to the workplace and personal career development. I have always believed in the “Power of Threes.” We explored three ways to get fired, ace an interview, ace your next performance review, get a big promotion, get yourself fired, and even how to manage your boss! Here are those links:”


Going Quietly: The blog series that generated the most feedback was definitely the “Quiet Series” which addressed the controversial topics of 1) Quiet Quitting, 2) Quiet Firing, and 3) Quiet Hiring. I spent many late nights responding to these blog comments. The links: Quiet Hiring and Quiet Firing and Quiet Quitting. There will more to come on these hot topics in 2023.

Coaching Series: I also introduced to my readers my growing involvement in professional coaching and discussed how coaching is different from consulting, training, and mentoring. I discussed my involvement in career coaching, executive coaching, and life coaching. Refer to these specific links for more details: Career Coaching and Life Coaching and Executive Coaching as well as the introductory post, Professional Coaching Summary

This series ultimately led to the launching of YouTube’s first reality series show dealing with career coaching. The show is titled, “The Career Coaching Experience” and can be found at The Career Coaching Experience: Episode One. It features New York’s own, Daniella Rinaldo.

We value your feedback and look forward to bringing you more informative, inspiring, and entertaining posts in 2023!

Rob Houghton

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