What vs. Who

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In the executive search business, there is an old saying, “People are hired for what they’ve done, but fired for who they are…”


· The Resume: this is what the candidate has done.

· The Degree: An Ivy League degree will get you in the door.

· The Internship: Okay, you worked a summer for free.

· School President: So you were popular and got elected to be your class president.

· Social Media: You seem to have done sooooooo much in your life!

· You look the part.

The WHO:

· Graduation was only the beginning; you learn something new every day.

· You worked your way through college working nights sweeping floors.

· You played competitive sports in high school and college while at the same time making good grades.

· You know the meaning of extreme ownership because you risked your life serving your country in the military or law enforcement.

· You don’t just give to charity, but actually work in the local community soup kitchen during the holidays.

· You got grit; you simply never quit.

· You do jobs that colleagues either can’t do or don’t want to do.

· You show up for work. Everyday.

So who would you want to hire?

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