The Future of Work & ChatGPT

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I recently dived into the topic of Post-Pandemic: The Future of Work with Craig Picken on a recent podcast and we had a lot of fun with it. The WSJ has also done extensive reporting on this fascinating topic.

What does the future of work look like now according to the experts?

The consensus is that Artificial Intelligence (AI) will supercharge Life Long Learning (LLL) in the workplace far beyond what anyone can now imagine.

AI has had six or more iterations since the 1940s in one form or the other, but things have suddenly changed. AI has finally arrived.

The average person is surprised by what ChatGPT can do now. The scientific community is absolutely shocked.

What does all this mean for us in the workplace?

Innovation is liberating. Flexibility is motivating.

AI delivers this and more. With motivated workers, a new trust can begin to be formed between employer and employee. This is when the magic happens. Productivity leaps.

This excites the hell out of me.

So just what is the younger worker force looking for these days?

These four things stand out in every survey I have seen and with most candidates, I talk with:

· A job that is interesting.

· A job that is meaningful; one where their duties are directly associated with purpose and objectives.

· Being fairly paid.

· A job that presents the opportunity to learn and grow.

Lifelong Learning:

Increased LLL will lead to focused and satisfied workers which will lead to increased worker productivity which will lead to increased flexibility in the work week. Hybrid and Remote Work Environments are not going away.

Testing & Learning: Technology is changing the workplace so quickly that a leader must be willing and able to test/experiment and learn to maintain a competitive edge.

Our world is changing so fast that those who survive and thrive will be those who continually test and learn. And then have the courage to implement.

This means continually retooling with technology as well as hiring and retaining workers with critical thinking skillsets.

Efficiency Rules: With the advent of new Long Learning Methods (LLMs) facilitators such as ChatGPT, workers and businesses will be forced to compete in the way they focus and specialize.

I would rather have a staffer working a focused 9 – 2 pm schedule four days per week than someone working a distracted and unproductive 40-hour work week.

Bottom Line: Companies & individuals who stand still in the future of work will get run over. Test and learn.

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