AI: Implications for Hiring Authorities & Candidates

Just what is the immediate impact of AI on resumes, job applications, and the overall recruiting process? 

It’s a question I have been increasingly fielding from both my insurance clients and candidates. 

Short Answer: Very significant.

But I want your thoughts and feedback on your own experiences in the comment section!

Here is my take on the implications of AI in the recruiting field:

  1. Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS):  Up to 75% of resumes are now rejected by automated applicant tracking systems even before being reviewed by a human being. 

We have now disabled AI functionality on our tracking systems because we recruit based on candidates having the personality and attributes that are in direct alignment with our clients, not just skills and experience.  AI can’t identify personality and attributes.

  • Recruiting is Inefficient:  The executive recruiting business is a very inefficient, time-consuming endeavor.  LinkedIn reports that the average recruiter spends 23 hours reviewing resumes on a single search. 

We rely on our relationships and local network for candidate sourcing, so fortunately, we don’t fall into this time trap, but many others are now turning to AI as a competitive short cut.

  • Facial Recognition Technology & AI:  One particular recruiting platform started using facial recognition AI software combined with psychological testing to screen candidates for their fit in a particular role.  The FTC and Electronic Privacy Information Center jumped in and filed a lawsuit citing concerns that this technology would result in bias and prejudice – ya think?
  • Fraudulent Resumes: We have noticed in our office a flurry of fraudulent resumes and cover letters compiled and sent to us using AI applications such as ChatGPT.  I know because I screen all the candidates via Zoom and, in many cases, the candidate could not recall “accomplishments” contained in his/her resume when discussing their resume/background in the introductory Zoom call. 

These candidates ultimately admitted to me that they used AI to build their resume.  One such AI application is, Rezi.  Rezi is actually a AI-based resume builder that claims to build a resume to beat the applicant tracking systems.  Nothing wrong with using an app such as Rezi – as long as it remains 100% factual. Garbage in, Garbage out.


  • AI will never replace the need to identify and source human beings based on attributes such as work ethic, grit, determination, insight, and other characteristics highly valued by employers.  AI cannot measure these in a human being.
  • Resumes:  Hiring authorities should carefully validate a resume by asking behavioral-based questions mixed in with case study examples.  Trust, but verify.
  • Always be sure to make sure the candidate’s personality and attributes are in direct alignment with the client’s culture and strategic vision.

I welcome with open arms your ideas, thoughts, and feedback on this fascinating topic!


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