Insurance Employee Satisfaction Survey

WDC/Mid-Atlantic Insurance Professionals: Need your help!

We are in the midst of releasing our 20th Semi-Annual WDC Insurance Salary Report on July 5th. At the same time, we are currently finishing up a companion report titled, “WDC Insurance Employee Satisfaction Survey” to be released towards the end of July 2023.

We believe this report may be of even greater importance than the Salary Report to hiring authorities (and candidates).

It is organized into two categories: 1) Running Away and 2) Running Towards.

Running Away means why are insurance professionals departing their existing firms for a new career with a new firm? Running Towards simply means why are they running towards a new opportunity with a new firm?

We like to recruit candidates who are running towards something rather than simply running away. These are different, but somewhat related, motivations for making a job change.

Understanding this dynamic can significantly improve a firm’s talent acquisition, talent development, and talent retention efforts…all necessary building blocks for getting your firm from good to great.

Talent is the Great Arbiter.

Over the past year, we have solicited feedback from the insurance community both from the employee and employer perspective on these motivations.

Here is your chance to participate as well. Just email me in complete confidence at with your top three choices in each of the two categories.

For your confidential input, we will send you a pre-release copy of the results (free of charge).

I have listed the possible choices just below here:

Running Away From (existing firm)

– Low Pay; not in line with the market

– Lack of Respect

– No longer willing or able to do an office commute five days per week

– Want remote versus hybrid option

– My daily work flow is not tied to a clear objective

– Lack of Recognition

– Overworked now; staff not being replaced and the work is piling up

– No room for professional growth

– The acquisition has had a negative impact on my firm

– Dislike my boss

– My firm lacks a Purpose

– Tired of working in a family-operated small shop

– Communications between management and staff is poor

– Lack of a Human-Centered Approach (coaching, mentoring, counseling, etc.)

Running Towards (a new firm)

– Remote Work Environment

– Hybrid Work Environment

– Has a Human-Centered Approach

– Firm has a clear and concise purpose

– More money (higher salary or greater commissions)

– More Work/Life balance

– More rewards and recognition (my efforts will be quantified and rewarded)

– More stability

– More financial and human resources to lighten the load

– More incentive-based bonuses

– Advancement is merit-based

– Desire more challenging work – larger accounts to manage

So please rank your top three in each of the two categories and email back to

Thank you in advance for your feedback. It is very important to us and the WDC insurance community!

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