Coach Prime: The Biggest Story in the Sports World

I did a short video earlier this week (Coach Prime Short Video) describing my thoughts on Coach Prime (Dallas Cowboys Hall of Famer Deion Sanders) and his college football team, the Colorado Buffaloes.  It generated over 550 phone calls, texts, and emails to me.

Let me elaborate.

Colorado was the worst team in NCAA College Football last year in both rankings, offense, and defense out of more than 200 teams.  They were crushed every game.

This year they are undefeated and are currently ranked #18 in the entire country.  They have not lost a game.

What can the business world learn from Coach Prime? 

There are three things that Coach Prime does that separate him from the other football coaches (and business leaders) that I see out there now:

Unifier:  Prime is a unifier.  In his press conference following the game this past weekend, he talked about how football is unique because the players wear helmets and you can’t see their faces. 

He went on to explain that he doesn’t see his players as white, black, or Hispanic.  He sees everyone as part of the same team regardless of their race, creed, or religion.  He explained how the game of football unites instead of dividing like so many in our society today are trying to do. 

I love this message.  Very powerful.  Sports unites.

Purpose & Mission:  Since Coach Prime took over the head coaching position at Colorado earlier this year, his message has been very clear: “We are coming for you.”  Simple.  The “You” is the entire NCAA College football establishment.  It’s the other teams in this conference.  It’s the sports media who have doubted him every step of the way. 

It is a mantra that he and his players use in all their interviews and press conferences.  Yes, they are coming for everyone!

Out of curiosity, I have been asking my client hiring authorities to tell me their purpose and mission the past week and it is frightening to hear almost no one able to communicate it to me in one or two sentences.  There is no mantra.

I challenge you right now to say aloud your one sentence mantra – can you?

Here’s mine: “To inform, inspire, and guide the WDC insurance community to acquire, develop, and retain WDC’s top insurance talent.”

Emotional Support:  This is also huge.  While watching the past two Colorado games broadcast on national television, I noticed that when a Colorado player committed a mistake, Coach Prime would make it a point to go over and put his arm around the player and then pat him on the back.  Most coaches would just bark at the player with a scowl.  The player would respond and go back out and make a big play.

Our young talent in the workplace craves this sort of support from above now.

How do you handle adversity in your office?

Coach Prime has another big game this weekend.  Saturday at 12 Noon ET they play #13 ranked Oregon.  Can’t wait!!


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