Life Insurance Experts

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We are experts in the recruitment of Life Insurance professionals working both in the senior executive suite and those working in operations, sales, financial, and support areas. We present client opportunities to those candidates who have experience at both the strategic managerial and executive level and also those who provide life insurance solutions at the tactical level.

We have been providing executive search solutions to our life insurance clients since 2003. We are partners with our clients. We have provided top talent to several boutique life insurance firms during this time that have enabled them to become dominant players today.

We have worked with candidates and clients from every segment of the life insurance industry in the following areas:

  • Sales Management
  • Plan Design and Solutions
  • Investment Analysis
  • Plan Strategy Development
  • Policy Coordination
  • Pricing and Quoting specialists
  • Risk Management
  • Account Management
  • Term and Whole Life Sales
  • Financial Planning
  • Systems and Technology experts
  • Wealth Management

That makes us experts, not just recruiters.

Solutions for You

We provide expert solutions to our life insurance clients by finding them top shelf candidates who have skills and experience that are in direct alignment with their strategic vision and corporate culture. We have worked with some of the leading life insurance providers since 2003 in the WDC and surrounding Mid-Atlantic region.

In addition to our executive search services, we also provide the following services on a case by case basis:

  • Individual or group executive coaching services.
  • Qualitative bench-marking and metrics building for staff accountability purposes
  • Compensation structuring with sales producers
  • Competitive landscaping analysis
  • Semi-Annual Salary Surveys are published for our clients

Why Work with Us

We conduct our search assignments in complete confidence. Operating on a “need to know” basis, we use a proven step by step process that protects the identity of the passive candidate and the integrity of the client firm’s proprietary information.

What makes us different is that we are partners with our client firms. We take the time to listen and understand our client’s specific needs so that we can provide them with the timely advice, solutions and talent to satisfy their urgent hiring needs. Our goal is to provide them with the essential building blocks of talent to ensure long term growth in the highly competitive life insurance sector.

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