18th Annual Salary Report Discussion | Ep. 021

Talent + Trust
Talent + Trust
18th Annual Salary Report Discussion | Ep. 021

In today’s episode, I will review our 18th Semi-Annual Insurance Salary Report for the WDC region.   Lots of interesting data to breakdown including the current state of the WDC insurance brokerage job market including a macroeconomic look at how national employment trends are directly impacting the supply-demand side for insurance professionals and agencies in the WDC region.

Show Highlights:

  • Rob reviews the significant compensation increases for P&C and Employee Benefits Account Managers and Producers from 2018 until right now.
  • Rob reviews the winners and losers in the report.
  • Rob explains why employers can’t print employees – he discusses the factors affecting the shortage of insurance professionals including COVID, Stay at Home Moms, Remote Work, and other factors affecting the insurance talent pool.

Next Episode:  In our next podcast, we will discuss the lively feedback that will surely follow this report.

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