Coaching Series: Part 2: Executive Coaching | Ep.018

Talent + Trust
Talent + Trust
Coaching Series: Part 2: Executive Coaching | Ep.018

In today’s episode, we continue our series on Professional Coaching.

Each episode in this series will provide you with ways to plan, build, and supercharge your insurance career through four unique areas of coaching.  Today, I provide you with the basics of Executive Coaching and how this can help you supercharge your career – and probably your personal life as well!

Show Highlights:

  • Rob explains the difference between Executive Coaching and Life Coaching.
  • Rob explains how Executive Coaching can provide you with a competitive advantage in your professional career.
  • Rob explains how executive coaching is more powerful than traditional consulting, advising, instructing, or teaching.

Next Episode:  In our next podcast, we will bring you Part Two which will dive deep into the world of Life Coaching.

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