How to Negotiate a Job Offer | Ep. 007

Talent + Trust
Talent + Trust
How to Negotiate a Job Offer | Ep. 007

In today’s episode, I respond to a listener’s request on how to negotiate a job offer.  My answer may surprise you because not knowing how or when to negotiate a job offer could cost you dearly. 

It could cost you that job, your ability to professionally grow, and your future earnings potential. 

Join me for an in-depth discussion on exactly how to successfully negotiate a job offer.

Show Highlights:

  • Why do you always want to carefully read the entire offer letter?
  • Why do you negotiate before the written offer is sent to you.
  • Learn what the key negotiating points are for any job offer.
  • Learn why salary is not the most important negotiating item.
  • Learn why you never answer the question, “how much are you making now?”
  • Learn why employment agreements can limit your future earning potential and even who you can and cannot work for in the future.
  • Learn how an executive recruiter can make you big money.