Mr. Irrelevant: NFL QB Brock Purdy|Ep. 004

Talent + Trust
Talent + Trust
Mr. Irrelevant: NFL QB Brock Purdy|Ep. 004

In today’s episode, Rob Houghton discusses the meteoric rise of NFL San Francisco Forty-Niners quarterback, Brock Purdy.  Purdy was the last pick in the NFL 2022 Draft and was dubbed, “Mr. Irrelevant.”  Rob provides lessons learned for all of us including corporate hiring authorities and candidates alike.

Show Highlights:

  • Find out how FOMO can kill a business or a career.
  • Get a behind the curtains look at how NFL teams evaluate and select their top talent.
  • Learn what made Brock Purdy great and the one big mistake NFL teams made by passing him over six times each in the 2022 NFL Draft.
  • Learn what this means for you in the corporate world.

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