Owners & Temps | Ep. 025

Talent + Trust
Talent + Trust
Owners & Temps | Ep. 025

In today’s episode, Rob Houghton discusses the concept of Owners & Temps.  Find out how one famous billionaire coined this phrase over dinner one night with Rob Houghton.  Find out the difference between being an owner and temp.  And what it means for your job security and how you handle yourself with potential suitors.

Show Highlights:

  • Find out why you should always welcome inquiries from recruiters and other potential suitors.
  • Learn the tale of one of WDC’s most successful insurance producers and his unexpected fall from grace.
  • Get the back story on Rob’s dinner conversation with a billionaire and how the term, “Owners & Temps” came into being.
  • Are you an owner or a temp?

Next Episode:  In our next podcast, Rob will explore the topic of Quiet Firing in much greater detail and show you why it is the ultimate form of passive-aggressive cowardice in the workplace today.

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