Quiet Firing | Ep. 027

Talent + Trust
Talent + Trust
Quiet Firing | Ep. 027

In today’s episode, Rob Houghton provides his expert take on the new phenomenon called, “Quiet Firing” and how it relates to Quiet Quitting and Quiet Hiring.  Are you being “quietly fired” right now?  Find out what this is all about and how not to be a victim of this cowardly act.

Show Highlights:

  • #1 What exactly is Quiet Firing?  Learn how to recognize this cowardly act and when an employer quietly identifies internal employees for termination who are underperformers.
  • #2 How Quiet Firing is a Double-Edged Sword:    Rob provides a recent example of how Quiet Firing can backfire on a firm by casting a shadow of distrust over the entire organization.
  • #3 Why Quiet Firing is just plain wrong:  Learn how Quiet Firing is the opposite side of the same coin as Quiet Quitting.

Next Episode:  In our next podcast, Rob will explore the concept of the RKG – the “Right Kind of Guy/Gal” and how you can benefit and from this and supercharge your career.

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