Raises Part 2 | Ep. 002

Talent + Trust
Talent + Trust
Raises Part 2 | Ep. 002

In today’s episode, Rob Houghton provides eight (8) specific tactics on how to get that next big raise and promotion.  Don’t be like most people and settle for the usual COLA increase of 3%.  Stand up for yourself and get what you deserve.

Rob discusses in this final part of the series exactly how to get your next raise.

Show Highlights:

  • Learn why personalized goals are the key to specifying your raise request.
  • Learn why it is never too late to request an informal performance review.
  • Learn why research is an important piece of credibility during your salary negotiation.
  • Learn why role-playing with a friend or family member is a great way to prepare for a salary negotiation with your boss.

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