Salary Law | Ep. 022

Talent + Trust
Talent + Trust
Salary Law | Ep. 022

In today’s episode, I review recent legislation regarding employers asking prospective job seekers about their salary history.  It is now against the law to do this in more than 20 states and counting.

I have always coached my candidates not to disclose their current or past salary to a hiring authority because I always thought it was an unfair question.  It’s irrelevant.  Is it fair to ask a homeowner how much he paid for the house he is selling to you? Of course not.

Show Highlights:

  • Rob reviews recent Virginia state legislation which now prohibits employers from asking salary history information from a job seeker.
  • Rob provides several strategies for employers or hiring authority to stay in compliance with this new law.
  • Rob walks the candidate through the minefield of how to handle salary history and salary expectations questions during an interview.

Next Episode:  In our next podcast, we will discuss the NFL’s Red Flag Rule and how you can use this same principle to improve your performance in the business world.

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