The RKG: Are you one? | Ep. 028

Talent + Trust
Talent + Trust
The RKG: Are you one? | Ep. 028

In today’s episode, Rob Houghton discusses the concept of the RKG.  The Right Kind of Guy/Gal.  Professional sports teams, elite military units, and business leaders all have their own version of the RKG.  Being an RKG allows you to avoid all the nonsense behind Quiet Quitting, Quiet Firing, and now Quiet Hiring as well.  It’s where you want to be as a professional and a good citizen.

Show Highlights:

  • How does being the RKG avoid the dreaded Quiet Quitting, Quiet Firing, and Quiet Hiring?
  • What exactly is an RKG?
  • What are the attributes of an RKG?
  • How can you become an RKG?
  • Based on Rob’s attributes outlined in the show, are you an RKG or just another Poseur?

Next Episode:  In our next podcast, Rob will explore the topic of Quiet Firing in much greater detail and show you why it is the ultimate form of passive-aggressive cowardice in the workplace today.

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