Three Ways to Ace an Interview | Ep. 013

Talent + Trust
Talent + Trust
Three Ways to Ace an Interview | Ep. 013

In today’s episode, we continue with our special series on “Three Ways”.  Each episode in this series will provide you with three specific ways to plan, build, and supercharge your insurance career.  Today, I discuss Three Ways to ace your next interview.

Show Highlights:

  • #1 Way: Play Offense – Interview the Client.  Never let a hiring authority pin you down with a million questions.  Learn the art of ‘conversational mapping’ to turn the tide in your favor.
  • #2 Way:  Storytelling – Learn the value of telling mini-stories and vignettes.  Instead of reciting the facts and figures from your resume, provide some well-thought-out “mini-stories”.  These are examples of some of your biggest success stories that you can relate back to your experience.  It brings to life your professional and personal experiences.
  • #3 Way: Preparation – Chance favors the prepared mind.  Learn the inside scoop on how to properly prepare for an interview.  Preparation shines through during the first ten minutes of an interview.  Find out why the first ten minutes of an interview are the most important.

Next Episode:  We will talk about why sales is the greatest career of them all.

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