Three Ways to Get a BIG Promotion | Ep.16

Talent + Trust
Talent + Trust
Three Ways to Get a BIG Promotion | Ep.16

In today’s episode, we continue with our special series on “Three Ways”.  Each episode in this series will provide you with three specific ways to plan, build, and supercharge your insurance career.  Today, I discuss Three Ways to Get that Big Promotion.

Show Highlights:

  • #1 Way: The Devil’s Advocate – Rob discusses how to make playing the role of “Devil’s Advocate in meetings pays off big time for you.
  • #2 Way: Communicate Up and Down the Line – Rob explains why it is critical that you be able to communicate to BOTH your senior executive team and your direct reports.
  • #3 Way: Measure & Track – Rob discusses why not measuring and tracking your accomplishments is a career limiting move.

Next Episode:  We are transitioning to a new topic series: Coaching.  Many of you know that I have just received my international Life/Career coaching certifications and licensing so I will be exploring with you why so many peak-performers have personal coaches now.

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