Three Ways to Negotiate your Next BIG Raise | Ep. 015

Talent + Trust
Talent + Trust
Three Ways to Negotiate your Next BIG Raise | Ep. 015

In today’s episode, we continue with our special series on “Three Ways”.  Each episode in this series will provide you with three specific ways to plan, build, and supercharge your insurance career.  Today, I discuss Three Ways to Negotiate your next Big Raise.

Show Highlights:

  • #1 Way: It’s not just about the base salary – Craig and Rob discuss how to get what you want by thinking of total cash compensation including bonuses and other incentive compensation.  Rob gives you the one question to ask in every performance review that will get you a significant bonus – every time.
  • #2 Way: Setting mutually agreed upon benchmarks – Rob explains how to establish mutually agreed-upon goals and objectives with your boss and how to convert this to additional compensation.
  • #3 Way: Ask for more responsibility – Rob and Craig explain how to take on more responsibility in your job and why this is so important.

Next Episode:  We will talk about the Three Ways to get a Big Promotion.

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