Recruiting Process – For Candidates

1.  Initial Point of Contact:

  • Resume is received
  • Initial Consultation via personal meeting with assigned recruiter
  • Executive Summary is prepared by recruiter
  • If applicable, a Personality Profile link is sent to the candidate

2.  Candidate Presentation

  • Resume & Executive Summary are presented to client hiring authority

3. Client Feedback

  • Receive client feedback within 24 hours on initial submissions
  • Yes/No on interviewing candidate, if not; why not?

4. Pre – Candidate Interview

  • Assigned Recruiter arranges and coordinates interviews for client company to meet candidates
  • Account Executive prepares candidate for interview and sets expectations and reconfirms meeting time/date/place, etc

6.  Post – Candidate Interviews

  • We receive immediate feedback from the client and feed this to the candidate within 24 hours
  • Candidate is required to provide immediate feedback to your Recruiter immediately following the client interview. If we do not hear from you, we will assume you are not interested in the opportunity and will automatically disqualify you from the process.
  • Please do not interact directly with client after interview – if you do, we wish you the best of luck with continuing the process on your own.

7. Decision – Next Steps

  • Does candidate wish to move ahead with this client?
  • If yes, references are required.
  • Arrange subsequent interviews

8.  Offer Stage – No direct client contact during this period of negotiation

  • Assist candidate with terms of offer; use leverage to obtain the best possible terms for the candidate…this is why the candidate does not unilaterally contact the client.
  • References are completed
  • Present verbal offer to candidate
  • If positive, present formal written offer to candidate
  • Negotiate the differences
  • Counsel the future candidate on resigning from his current employer and counter offer.
  • Confirm the commencement of employment
  • Candidate Accepts offer

8. Post Acceptance

Follow up with candidate and manager within 30 days

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