Recruiting Process

Client Search Process

1.  Search is Commenced:

  • Direct recruiting of passive candidates from competitor firms
  • Based on specific client requirements contained on Job Profile
  • Direct contacts
  • Our international network of MRI affiliated offices

2.  Develop lists of potential candidates (The Funnel)

  • By abilities/experience
  • By job function/title
  • By geographic region
  • By intellectual and emotional alignment to your corporate culture

3.  Candidate Presentation

  • Qualify and evaluate candidates
  • Anticipate possible problems
  • Receive client feedback within 24 hours on initial submissions
  • Review Counteroffer, relocation, non-compete contracts

4. Client Feedback

  • Provide feedback to Account Executive within 24 hours
  • Yes/No on interviewing candidate, if not; why not?

5. Pre – Candidate Interview

  • Account Executive arranges and coordinates interviews for client company to meet candidates
  • Account Executive prepares candidate for interview and sets expectations and reconfirms meeting time/date/place, etc
  • Assess candidate commitment to the hiring process – are they for real?

6.  Post – Candidate Interviews

  • We receive immediate feedback from the candidate and feed this to the hiring authority within 24 hours
  • Please do not interact directly with candidate after interview – we will provide you with their feedback.
  • Client Debriefing; client provides interview feedback to Account Executive immediately following interview. If no feedback received within 48 hours, we assume you are not interested in moving forward with candidate

7. Decision – Next Steps

  • Move ahead with this candidate? Why? Why not?
  • Interview other candidates? Why?
  • Maintain or change the direction of the search? Why?
  • If relocation is required, introduce candidate to our relocation services
  • Arrange subsequent interviews

8.  Offer Stage – No direct client/candidate contact during this period of negotiation

  • Assist employer with terms of offer
  • References are completed
  • Present verbal offer to candidate
  • If positive, present formal written offer to candidate
  • Negotiate the differences
  • Counsel the future employee on resigning from his current employer
  • Confirm the commencement of employment
  • Candidate Accepts offer

8. Post Acceptance

  • Follow up with candidate and manager within 30 daysiion

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