Rob’s Best Books of All Time

By popular demand, here are my favorite books of all-time. Many requested this over the Holidays, so here it is…

100 Years of Solitude
A River Runs Through It
A Tale of Two Cities
After Virtue
All Quiet on the Western Front
Anna Karenina
Aristotle – Poetics
Atlas Shrugged
Band of Brothers
Brave New World
Brothers Karamazov – Dostoevsky
Cannery Row
Confessions by St. Augustine
Dangerous Liaisons – Laclos
Don Quixote
Fahrenheit 451
Fear & Trembling (Kierkegaard)
For Whom the Bell Tolls
From Here to Eternity
Gates of Fire
Heart of Darkness
Herodotus – Histories
How to Win Friends and Influence…
Into Thin Air
Invisible Man
King Solomon’s Mines
Last Lion Triology (about Churchill)
Les Miserables
Letters from a Stoic (Seneca)
Leviathan by Thomas Hobbs
Lives by Plutarch
Lonesome Dove
Lord of the Rings
Mademe Bovary – Flaubert
Man’s Search for Meaning
Discourses of Epictetus
Metamorphoses by Ovid
Michelle De Montaigne’s Essays
Moby Dick
Native Son
Nicomachean Ethics (Arisotle)
Oil! (Upton Sinclair)
On the Road
Paradise Lost
Pride & Prejudice
Remembrances of Things Past – Proust
Revolutionary Road
Robinson Crusoe
Roman Honor
Self-Control: Its Kingship & Majesty
Self-Reliance & Other Essays
Sound and the Fury – Faulkner
Swiss Family Robinson
Tarzan of the Apes (Edgar Rice Burrough)
The Adventures of Huck Finn
The Art of War
The Autobiography of Ben Franklin
The Bible
The Book of Deeds of Arms and Chivalry
The Boy Scout Handbook
The Boys of Summer
the Brothers Karamazov
The Call of the Wild
The Code of Man
The Count of Monte Cristo
The Dharma Bums
The Divine Comedy
The Education of a Wandering Man (L. L’amour)
The Federalist Papers
The Fountainhead
The Godfather
The Grapes of Wrath
The Great Gatsby
The Great Railway Bazaar
The Histories (Herodotus)
The Hobbit & Lord of the Rings (J.R.R Tolkien)
The Illiad & The Odyssey
The Killer Angels
The Last of the Mohicans
The Lord of Flies
The Maltese Falcon
The Naked & the Dead (Norman Mailer)
The Prince
The Republic by Plato
The Road
The Seven Habits of Highly Successful People
The Sun Also Rises
The Thin Red Line
The Wealth of Nations
Thus Spoke Zarathustra (Nietzsche)
To Kill a Mockingbird
Treasure Island
Ulysses (Joyce)
Utopia by Sir Thomas More
War & Peace – Tolstoy
Wutherling Heights  – Bronte
Seven Pillars of Wisdom
The Great Game
The Siege
Beirut to Jerusalem
Sherman by Liddell Hart
The Generalship of Alexander the Great (Fuller)
Grant takes Command
Gates of Fire
The Village by Bing West
The Tribe by Sebastian Junger
The Crusades through Arab Eyes
The Crisis of Islam
Imperial Grunts
Soldier Sahibs
The Savage Wars of Peace
The Rise of American Power by Max Boot
Charlie Wilson’s War
The Arab Mind
Battle Ready
A Modern History of Somalia
Rebel Yell
Captain Richard Francis Burton (Rice)
The Khyber Rifles
Black Hawk Down
The Prince by Miachevelli
Band of Brothers by Stephen Ambrose
The Republic by Plato
The Source by James Michener
Anna Karenina by Tolstoy
Genghis Khan: Birth of an Empire 
The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich by Shirer
Secretariat:  The making of a champion
Casey by Joseph Persico
Young Men & Fire by Norman McLean
The Sun Also Rises by Hemingway
For Whom the Bell Tolls by Hemingway
Undaunted Courage by Stephen Ambrose
The Odyssey by Homer
Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand
A River Runs Through It by Norman McLean
The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand
The Lion, Witch, and the Wardrobe by CS Lewis
Lives by Plutarch
Lonesome Dove by Larry McMurtry
The Killer Angels by Michael Shaara
Michelle De Montaigne’s Essays
The Road by Cormac Mccarthy
11/22/62 by Stephen King
Last Lion Triology (about Churchill)
Moby Dick
The Seven Habits of Highly Successful People
The Education of a Wandering Man (L. Lamour)
The Illustrated Man by Ray Bradbury
Letters from a Stoic (Seneca)
The Great Game by Peter Hopkirk
Beirut to Jerusalem
Gates of Fire
The Tribe by Sebastian Junger
D-Day by Stephen Ambrose
Washington: A Life by Ron Chernow
Rebel Yell (about Stonewall Jackson)
Captain Richard Francis Burton (Rice)
The Khyber Rifles
Black Hawk Down
Agincourt by Bernard Cornwell

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